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Is this the end of insomnia? The secret US military technique that could help you fall asleep in as little as TWO MINUTES

Many of us toss and turn at night as we struggle in vain to try and get some sleep, but it seems as if there might finally be a solution that could have you nodding off in as little as two minutes. 
A book titled  'Relax and Win: Championship Performance' features a secret US military method that can help anyone get to sleep in just 120 seconds.
The title was originally published in 1981, but the method has recently resurfaced online according to Joe.co.uk.  
It's used by soldiers to ensure that they are able to get some rest - even when on a battlefield - and is said to have a 96 per cent success rate after six weeks of practice. 
The technique was reportedly developed after army bosses tried to eliminate mistakes made by pilots because of tiredness. 
The technique involves a combination of relaxing your muscles, breathing techniques and visualisations.  
Insomnia is a huge global problem, affecting around a third of men and women in their 30s and 40s and nearly half of women over 65.
There are two types, Type 1 insomnia where you can't get to sleep and Type 2, where you can get to sleep okay, but tend to wake at least once during the night.
Chronic lack of sleep has been linked to serious problems including diabetes, heart disease and strokes, and it can even affect the strutcture of the brain.  

How to fall asleep in under two minutes 

Firstly, you have to relax the muscles in your face, including your tongue, jaw, and the muscles that are around your eyes. 
Then you should drop your shoulders as low as they'll go before relaxing your upper and lower arm on one side, and then the other.
Step three involves breathing and says you should breathe out, relax your chest and then, finally, relax your legs. You should start with your thighs and then move to your lower legs.  
Once you've relaxed your body for ten seconds, you have to then clear your mind completely.  
According to the book, these three methods may help you do that: 
Firstly, picture yourself lying in a canoe on a calm lake, nothing but blue sky above you.
You can also picture yourself snuggled in a black velvet hammock in a pitch-black room.
And finally, you can also try saying 'don't think, don't think, don't think' over and over again for ten seconds. 

Sleep is important to clear away brain cell 'wear and tear'. 
However, a recent study found insufficient shut eye causes the system to go into overdrive and also remove healthy nerve cells.
Getting less than eight hours sleep a night has also been linked to anxiety and depression. 

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