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Penny-pinching woman POURS iced coffee onto a 7-Eleven checkout counter and two employees because she was angry about the price, then flees the convenience shop with a smile

A 7-Eleven customer in New York brazenly dumped her iced coffee on a checkout counter and two employees because she didn't want to pay the price for the beverages.
The bizarre incident was captured on surveillance video on August 30 around 10am at the convenience store located on Montauk Highway in East Patchogue. 
The unnamed woman is seen on surveillance standing at the counter as she prepares to check out with two cold coffees and a few other items.
Two men behind the counter are seen speaking with the woman, who is also having a conversation with someone on her cellphone. 
The customer becomes visibly angry while standing at the counter as she argues over the price of the drinks with one of the men. 
As woman continues to yell, the employee seemingly keeps calm.
Before long, the customer removes a couple food items on top of her coffee before she opens the lid.
She then dumps the entire cold drink onto the counter and the two employees.  
She is shown shouting something at the two workers before making her way out of the 7-Eleven. 
Surveillance showed her driving off in a black GMC Yukon with New Jersey license plates.
Roughly $200 worth of cigarettes stored beneath the counter were damaged as a result.
A phone call for further information by DailyMail.com to the convenience store was not returned Monday evening.
7-Eleven began selling cold brew coffee back in June. According to Convenience Store News, a 16-ounce iced brew coffee currently costs $1.69.
The iced coffee had a limited time price of 99 cents when the product first launched over the summer.

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