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Schoolboy, 13, put in isolation for a week over new haircut 'that violates ban on extreme styles'

A mum has angrily hit out at her teenage son's school after he was put in isolation for a week due to his new haircut.
Serena Fowkes says there is "absolutely nothing wrong" with her 13-year-old son Ryan Wild's hairstyle,which is shaved along the sides and slicked up.
She claims the way her son was treated by Hall Park Academy, in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, was "disgusting" and a "form of bullying".
The school has a policy stating that it expects pupils' hairstyles to be "neat and tidy and not extreme", Nottinghamshire Live reports.
Ryan had his hair cut just before he went back to school on September 5.
Mum-of-four Ms Fowkes, 34, said it was cut "very smartly" in his usual style before term started and he wasn't put into isolation until Monday - after being back at school for three days.
She said: "Since he started the school in year 7 he has had the same haircut and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
"On Monday he was put into isolation because of his hair, he had to sit in a cubicle and stare at a wall instead of being in lessons and I think that is disgusting - why should he miss out on his education when he has done nothing wrong?
"I believe this is a form of bullying, when I have been at the school I have seen plenty of other kids with very messy and long scraggly hair and Ryan's hair is very smart."
Ryan has been a pupil at Hall Park Academy for two years and has never had a problem with his haircut before.
He has said since being put in isolation he has been "upset" and feels like he is being "picked on".
Miss Fowkes added: "He has been really upset about it.
"Every time he is put in isolation I will just go and pick him up now.
"I have four children aged five, four and I have just had a newborn baby - this is a lot of added stress for me."
Hall Park Academy, which is part of the Redhill Academy Trust, has not yet responded to a request for comment from Nottinghamshire Live.
The policy on haircuts is explained on the Redhill Academy Trust website.
It says: "We expect hair styles to be neat and tidy and not extreme in any way. This includes tightly-shaven hair, tramlines or the use of brightly-coloured dyes.
"In the interest of student safety, long hair must be tied back in PE lessons."

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