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This fuming driver got so angry at 'idiots' on Gloucester's C&G roundabout that they've drawn a diagram explaining how to use it

 Road markings on the roundabout have perplexed some motorists

An angry motorist has drawn an instructional diagram for 'idiot' drivers who he claims continuously use a major traffic junction incorrectly.

The C&G roundabout on the outskirts of Gloucester was upgraded a number of years ago but the updated traffic-calming measures have led to countless cases of dangerous driving, Gloucestershire Live reports .
Locals have complained that the confusing markings have forced road users to veer into the wrong lane as they approach Gloucester from Cheltenham.
And the repeated mistakes have caused one motorist to lose it - and take to Facebook with clear instructions on how it should be done.
Posting on the Spotted: Quedgeley, Kingsway and Hardwicke page, the anonymous driver has taken a satellite image of the junction and added red and blue lines showing the correct path for vehicles on the inside two lanes to follow.
They said: "This is for all the idiots who don't know how to drive or use merge lanes on a roundabout.
"The amount of times I have been cut up on the C&G roundabout coming from Elmbridge Court direction is unbelievable and they look at me as if it was my fault.
The fed-up driver posted this diagram to Facebook

"So I've drawn a little diagram so you know which lane to stay in.

"If you're in the inside lane, follow the staggered lines and stay in the damn inside lane.
"Stop merging into the middle lane and cutting people up."
So there you go. You've been told.

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