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WATCH: Political Ad for Pro-Choice Democrat Features Ultrasound of Her Unborn Child

A political ad by New York attorney general candidate Zephyr Rain Teachout, a left-wing Democrat who has NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC's full endorsement, features something that might make her fellow pro-choicers uneasy: ultrasound imagery of her unborn child.
The ad for Teachout, who is running as a hard-left candidate who will do everything she can to take down Donald Trump and the "Albany machine," begins by focusing on the ultrasound images of her unborn child, something one might expect in a pro-life Republican ad — but Teachout's voice-over quickly makes clear that she's no Republican. Along with the ultrasound imagery, her first statement is also something that might make some of her colleagues on the left shift in their seats: she acknowledges that there are only two genders. In the big reveal, we learn that the ultrasound is showing the precious child inside of her, and she suggests that it is in part because she is a pregnant woman that "they" have "never seen an attorney general like me."
Here's the full text of the ad:
What does his or her future look like? Do we save our democracy? Do we flip Congress? Does Robert Mueller indict Trump?
I don't want to wait and see.
It's why I sued President Trump the week he was inaugurated, wrote the book on corruption, took on the Albany machine, and rallied against pharmaceutical and insurance companies for putting profits over people.
I'm Zephyr Teachout, and you've never seen an attorney general like me — and neither have they.

So does Teachout have a chance of winning New York's attorney general race? The New York Times reports that it's currently a "tossup" among three candidates: Teachout, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, and NYC public advocate Letitia James.

Hot Air's Allahpundit provides a succinct bio of Teachout below:
Law prof Zephyr Teachout is a champion of Occupy Wall Street, a former primary challenger to Andrew Cuomo for governor of New York, and a current candidate for the state AG job endorsed by the likes of Bernie Sanders and The Nation. She’s a minor progressive star, soon to be major if she pulls the upset in the attorney general race. (She’s within striking distance.) And she’s firmly pro-choice too, of course, having earned NARAL’s support in her failed run for the House two years ago.

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