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World's clumsiest criminal DROPS his gun and then loses his pants during armed robbery of an e-cigarette store

It’s too bad all criminals aren’t this incompetent.
Closed circuit cameras captured a would-be store robber’s epic fail in trying to stick up a convenience store in suburban Denver on Sunday.
The incident took place at around 5:30pm, the owner of an E-Cig of Denver location in Aurora, Colorado told Fox 31 TV.
The suspect is seen in the video walking up to the counter and pulling out a BB gun.
But the man loses his grip on the gun, which skips over the counter and past the initially horrified woman at the cash register.
When the woman gathers herself and picks up the weapon, the man, who tried to hop the counter, realized he needed to flee and took off running.
The robber was wearing gloves, though police hope there is enough evidence at the scene to enable investigators to pinpoint his identity.
‘There were no fingerprints in the store, but definitely on the firearm itself, you know the clip and everything they got fingerprints off of that,’ said store owner Chris Burgess.

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