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'Wow, what a money maker!': Nearly 400 furious motorists are fined total of £26,000 for right turns in just three months after failing to spot TINY hidden warning sign (4 Pics)

Hundreds of unsuspecting drivers have been slapped with fines for turning into a brand new leisure centre at a badly signposted junction.
Nearly 400 confused motorists have been charged a total of £25,805 for turning right in and out of Sutcliffe Park Sports Centre in Eltham, South East London in 2018.
Drivers are being caught by a camera after failing to spot a Do Not Turn Right sign, which is attached to a lamppost a few feet behind a much larger green road sign, giving directions for a junction further along the road.
Angry motorists say from certain angles the sign can barely be seen, particularly when vans and large cars park in front of it.
The fines were all issued from January to March this year by Transport For London (TfL).
Disillusioned motorists have now taken to social media to vent their anger at the fines.
Rob Gan posted on SEnine magazine facebook page: 'Having driven there recently that Do Not Turn Right sign is partially obscured by other signs, and is very small.
'There are no road markings either to indicate that you can't turn right.'

Jonathan Rogers said: 'Wow....now that's a money maker.'
Robbie Commerford wrote: 'It just requires a solid white line separating both carriageways.
'You're not allowed to cross a solid white line on the highways, so this should stop people doing it if they know and adhere to the rules of the roads (which they should).'
Kroare Kroare posted: 'All fines should be appealed on the grounds the sign is not fit for purpose due to the positioning and the position the driver must take to observe the sign.

Disillusioned motorists took to social media (pictured) to vent their anger at the fines
'It's is for TFL to prove the sign is adequate and not for the appellant to prove its inadequacy.'
Transport for London (TFL) has a camera trained on the junction, with 397 penalty charges issued in the first three months of this year. Turning right out of the leisure centre is also an offence. 
Following feedback from residents, the sign turning in to the sports centre was raised to improve visibility with 'left only' markings painted on the road for drivers leaving the site.
TFL has now temporarily halted issuing fines for drivers who fall foul of the junction following 'feedback'.
Sutcliffe Leisure Centre contains a six-lane, 60-metre sprint track with provisions for long, triple and high jump.
The state-of-the art facilities also include an indoor throwing cage and netting accommodating for discus, hammer and shot put as well as a training weights area.
Paul Cowperthwaite, Interim Director of Licensing, Regulation and Charging at TfL, said: 'We enforce traffic regulations on the capital's Red Routes, including yellow box junctions, and our overriding focus is to reduce delays, keep road users safe and to keep London moving.
'We continually review the locations where Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued, including this junction on Eltham Road, and we are always looking to improve the information provided to our customers at these locations.
'All revenue generated by enforcement activity is reinvested in maintaining and improving the transport network.' 

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