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WW2 Trip to Normandy (50 Pics)

Paratrooper John Steele hanging on church in St Mere Eglese
St Mere Eglese
Nice french beer
Operation Overlord
Sherman Firefly
Airborne museum
Airborne museum
Bunker at Utah beach
Utah beach

Statues at Utah beach
Tank Utah beach
German artillery bunker near Utah beach
German Flak canon near Utah beach
Artillery bunker
Iron Mike statue for all the brave allied paratroopers who fought and gave their lives for our freedom.

Stained glass in church of st mere eglese
Batterie d' azeville
Beautiful camo on the bunkers in batterie d' azeville
Batterie d' Azeville
Flak canon Airborne museum St Mere Eglese
Landing craft at batterie Maisy
Batterie Maisy
Batterie Maisy
Howitser batterie Maisy
Batterie Maisy
WN 62
Pont Du Hoc German observation bunker
Cliff at Pont Du Hoc where the Rangers climbed up to destroy canons. There were no canons placed by the Germans on Pont Du Hoc.
Pont Du Hoc
Omaha beach
Bunker at trinité Sur Mer
Canon inside bunker
Open trench and bunker with nice camo batterie D' Azeville
Omaha beach

American cemetery so many crosses...
Longues Sur Mer artillery bunker

Gold beach remnants of the Mulberry Harbour
U-boat bunker in Lorient
Inside the U-boat bunker
Wiederstandsnest 62
American cemetery

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