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Cartoon Why Democrats Just Want Hillary and Bill to GO AWAY

The hilarious and savage cartoon below shows exactly why Democrats are so anxious for Bill and Hillary Clinton to exit the stage.
Tarana Burke, the MeToo movement creator blasted Hillary Clinton for her claim that the affair between then President Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky was not an abuse of power:
“You’re talking about an age dynamic but you’re also talking about the president of the United States,” Burke told The Root in an interview published Tuesday evening. “The amount of power, the amount of accumulated power that is in that position alone, versus an intern.”
“It’s absolutely an abuse of power,” she added. “It’s unfortunate that it wasn’t used as a moment to be accountable.”
Hillary Clinton said Sunday during an interview with CBS that her husband was right to not resign over his affair with Lewinsky, adding that the relationship was not an abuse of power. Bill Clinton was 49 years old when he started having an affair with Lewinsky, who was 22. Their consensual relationship lasted from 1995 to 1997, and was publicly revealed in 1998.
Burke, who created the Me Too movement over a decade ago, told The Root it was “tragic” and “wrong” that the former first lady wouldn’t call her husband’s actions in the late 1990s an abuse of power.
“The affair and what happened was consensual and I recognize that. I think we all recognize that,” she said. “Monica herself has said that this was consensual, but it certainly is an abuse of power.”

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