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CNN Declares War On Free Speech, Goes After GAB (6 Pics)

The Daily Beast followed CNN’s lead by calling Gab “the Alt-Right’s Favorite Social Network” and declaring “Gab has marketed itself as a home for extremists kicked off of other social-media platforms.”
Founded by Andrew Torba—a Trump supporter who was once kicked out of the prestigious Silicon Valley tech accelerator Y Combinator’s alumni network for calling his colleagues “cucks”—Gab has built catering to right-wing extremists into its business model.
The site even has a frog logo that echoes the alt-right favorite “Pepe the Frog,” and new users start with a profile picture cribbed from the “NPC meme” popular on far-right sites like 4Chan. In a March SEC filing, the company claimed to be positioning itself as a home for “conservative, libertarian, nationalist, and populist internet users.”
“As mainstream social networks continue to crack down on ‘objectionable content’ and censor conservative views, we believe the need for alternative platforms will only continue to rise,” the filing reads.

Gab’s business plan has often meant hosting posts from some of the vilest characters in American politics. White supremacist Chris Cantwell, the infamous “crying Nazi” from the 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, is on Gab. So is neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, the publisher of the white-supremacist Daily Stormer website.
Gab was also the back-up social network for white supremacist and former Paul Ryan primary challenger Paul Nehlen after he was banned from Twitter. Even Gab eventually banned Nehlen—not over his attacks on Jews, but because he had posted personal information about a rival alt-right personality.
The attacks continued by prominent liberals on Twitter.

And the attacks worked. It did not take long for Gab to be suspended from PayPal.
That was followed by it’s hosting company telling Gab it was removing the website from the Internet.
Then its secondary payment service, Stripe, suspended the social media site.
When a powerful company like CNN is allowed to launch a propaganda campaign against a private company and have it erased from the Internet in a day that should frighten everyone.

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