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Controlling woman lists 22 things her boyfriend is BANNED from doing - and people are horrified

One of the hardest parts of a relationship can be trusting your partner, especially if you've been hurt in the past.
While most couples do this by being open with each other, one woman came up with a much stricter approach.
She wrote a list of 22 things her boyfriend was banned from doing - and made him sign it.
The list has been shared on social media, and people are horrified by the demands - which includes not drinking unless she is present and always replying to her texts within ten minutes.


  1. As far as a "phone check", he could defeat that by doing a Factory Data Reset on his phone, and she wuold never know what was there

  2. Just curious when this guy had his balls cut off?

  3. He's a punk bitch..I would have wiped my ass with that paper after a good shit.dont ask for head? Gtfoh

  4. MGTOW is the solution. Stop cucking.

  5. Well, pretty much every girl's objectives but never seen it put in writing.