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Furious mum, 29, and five kids left 'freezing in a home without a window for weeks'

A mother says her five children, including her disabled baby, have been left freezing after burglars smashed the window of her front room.
Danielle Tait is still waiting for Hull City Council to repair the damage after a break-in, instead fitting a perforated 'metal cage'.
The 29-year-old fitted a wooden board over it as extra insulation, but the authority cannot replace it until police have carried out forensic tests.
In the meantime, she fears for the health of her children, including her 20-month-old daughter who has spina bifidia.
She told the Hull Daily Mail the constant draught means everyone is getting a cold.
"It's horrible," she said. "We can’t sit on the sofa near the window because it’s cold so we’re all cramped onto one little couch.
“I’ve had to have the heating on full since it happened and I can’t tell you how much we’ve had to spend on that. The council’s response has been disgusting and I can’t understand the logic.”
Mrs Tait, who works as a receptionist, reported the broken window to the council immediately with a metal grate fitted on the morning of October 7.
She then expected the authority to come and fit a wooden board but the council said the window could not be boarded up on October 7 because police needed to carry out forensic tests.
This prompted Mrs Tait’s husband Paul to find his own piece of wood and install it around the window later that night as the family struggled to cope in “freezing” cold weather.
Mrs Tait said: “I’m trying my best to keep my toddler warm because she is full of a cold and has been sneezing all week.
“I’m not bothered about me because I can cover up but she is getting ill and has spina bifida. She is poorly and she is a disabled child – it’s not fair.
“I’m really worried for her because she is due an operation and she can’t have that if she is ill. I’m trying to get her better but I am struggling because of the window and I can’t keep her upstairs because it’s just not fair.
“I just want to know from the council why it has taken so long because it is ridiculous how we have been treated.”
Mrs Tait initially thought she would have to wait until November 1 for a new window to be fitted but the council has said the visit on the date is for a separate matter.
The authority has admitted it should have boarded up the window sooner and has apologised to the Taits for the inconvenience caused.
A spokeswoman said: “We have been liaising with Mrs Tait since she reported the attempted break in on October 7. The window could not be boarded on that day as the police wished to undertake forensic examinations.
“Once this was complete we should have boarded the window as soon as possible and we are sorry that this did not happen. However when the repairs supervisor did visit the following day on October 8 Mrs Tait had had the window boarded.
“A new window is currently being manufactured and we will endeavour to fit this as soon as possible. The November 1 date does not refer to this work but to a totally separate matter.”
Fortunately, nothing was stolen from the family home during the break-in as Mr Tait was alerted to the sound of the attempted burglary and managed to spook the intruder.
Police are investigating the incident and anyone with information is urged to get in touch quoting crime reference number 16/105415/18.
A spokeswoman said: “A burglary was reported to us after a property was broken into on Weighton Grove, Hull between 2am and 4am on Sunday, October 7.
“The resident reported that a ground floor window had been removed and an intruder had entered the premises but does not appear to have taken anything.”
Calls can also be made anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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