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Guy Gets Fired, Makes Management Regret Their Decision In The Best Way (27 Pics)

Instead of getting a pat on the shoulder or a raise, this guy was fired for doing a really, really good job. Basically, he had planned a vacation, so he prepared his team for the week he wasn’t going to be around. And he did it so well, as those seven days were going by, the company thought they don’t need him anymore. Big mistake.
“It’s actually an old company, so their success is mostly behind them,” the guy wrote. “Titles and structures were created back in their big days.” All the hard work and overtime he put into optimizing various processes there, everything was simply disregarded. The stress of losing a job with a special needs child, however, forced the man to create his own business. And just when things were getting steady, he received a call from his ex-employer. 

People wanted to know more about the story, so the guy soon elaborated

Everyone couldn’t be happier for him

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