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Horrifying moment thirty partygoers crash through the floor of an apartment building after it collapsed while they were dancing at a house party near South Carolina's Clemson University

Dozens of people have been hospitalized after they fell several feet when the floor of an apartment building collapsed during a party near Clemson University in South Carolina. 
A huge portion of the floor gave way in the early hours of Sunday morning as the large crowd of party goers were dancing at Woodlands of Clemson apartment complex.
Shocking footage shot from the inside the party showed people jumping while they danced just as the floor collapsed. 
The crowd was swallowed up as they fell from the first floor into the basement.
People could be heard screaming as they tried to claw their way out of the pool of injured bodies. 
Stunned partygoers could be seen peering down into the huge gaping hole. 
Authorities said 30 people were rushed to nearby hospitals to be treated.  
The incident occurred on the first floor of the clubhouse - a common area within the apartment complex just three miles from Clemson University.
The area had been rented out for a private party. 
Raven Guerra, a 20-year-old who was at the party, told GMA: 'By the time I had put one foot out the door, I felt that something was weird and that's when everyone just collapsed and the guy behind me disappeared. 
'Everyone was on the floor and people were screaming and there was wood sticking up from the floorboards.
'Turning around and seeing a bunch of people who used to be on the second floor now on the basement was really surreal and people were crying. It was a lot to take in.'
The Clemson Police Department said no one was trapped in the ordeal and none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.  
Clemson University had won a football game against North Carolina state just hours before the incident occurred. 

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