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'It looked like 9/11': Terrifying moment military plane flies towards buildings in Australia - as the stunt is slammed as 'stupid and dangerous' (5 Pics)

Office workers were left terrified after a Royal Australian Air Force plane flew just metres from high-rise buildings during a major festival.
The Boeing C-17 plane was part of Brisbane's iconic Riverfire at the South Bank parklands.
Footage shows the giant aircraft flying through the city towards the skyscrapers, with one spectator heard calling it '9/11 stuff' as the plane banks upwards at the very last minute to avoid the buildings.
The stunt has been slammed on social media as 'unnecessarily stupid and dangerous'. 
'All it would take is a small mistake and those buildings and people would be toast,' one person wrote.
'I mean it's cool and stuff, but that could've gone very, very, VERY wrong,' another added.
Some people jumped to the RAAF's defence, saying that a great deal of planning would have gone into the execution of the stunt, adding that they wouldn't 'just wing it'.
'Unless both pilots had a synchronised heart attack or catastrophic plane failure, nobody was in any danger,' they wrote.
'I am not saying this is not well thought out,' another responded. 

'I am just saying that this could've gone very wrong, very quickly. No need to fly that close to buildings where people live/work etc.' 
Riverfire happens every September in Brisbane to celebrate the end of Queensland's three week arts and cultural festival with a day-long concert as well as aerobatics and flypasts from the Australian Defence Force.

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  1. We were in one of the last apartment buildings before the plane lifted above the buildings it was not terrifying it was exhilarating the plane was not weaving through the city it was flying directly above the river if an extremely rare miniscule incident did happened it would have been able to ditch straight into the river for anyone to think that the RAAF would allow these pliots to do these maneuvers without years and years of training they must be crazy these Pilots are trained for military and rescue situations and a fly down the river is literally that almost to the point of being a cruise for these men and women