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Soldier is accused of killing his wife after he is found 'driving around with his girlfriend and two children with her CORPSE in the trunk'

Sarah Parker, 24, admitted she was aware of Kyle Logan's wife in the back of the vehicle she owned as she helped him dispose of the body Sunday night

A Louisiana man who is an active duty soldier was intercepted after allegedly killing his wife and driving around with the body Sunday night.
Logan Kyle, 22, allegedly confessed to murdering his spouse after law enforcement received a tip-off about the dead body in the trunk at around 9.30pm.
The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office (CPSO) found the man traveling on North Franklin Street in Lake Charles with another woman behind the wheel who is believed to be his girlfriend.
Her two children were also in the vehicle as they moved to dispose of the dead woman, it is claimed.
Sarah Parker, 24, admitted she was fully aware of the woman in the back of the vehicle she owns.
The victim's name cannot be released until Tuesday as Army regulations require a 24-hour time period after notifying next-of-kin, Fort Polk spokeswoman Kim Reichsling said.
'The family member's death is under investigation by special agents from U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command,' Reischling told Army Times. 'No further information will be released at this time to protect the integrity of the investigation.'
Sheriff Tony Mancuso said during a press conference that Parker was helping him get rid of the corpse.
Cops believe they met after he killed his partner and were driving around to look for a place to dump the deceased woman.
'In many cases, we don't get a call until the body is actually found,' KATC-TV reports he said. 'We actually got this one before it was dumped which made it easier.'
She was arrested and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center and charged with obstruction of justice for aiding the killer. 
Parker also faces a charge for failure to report a homicide. KLFY.com reports her bond is still pending.
The mother-of-two's children, aged one and two years old, were taken into custody by the Department of Children & Family Services.
She may face more charges relating to cruelty to juveniles for putting her toddlers in a dangerous position.
'What disturbs us about that as law enforcement officers is, you know, when we come in contact it would not be abnormal for us to draw our weapons on what we consider a felony stop,' Mancuso continued. 'If we had to shoot into this car or they shot back at us or for some reason we could have injured two innocent children.'
US Army CID were notified of the incident and is being held at CPSO where a homicide investigation will begin. CPSO Detective Keeba Barber is leading the investigation.
'I think this is just the start in what we believe are strange events that took place both in Leesville and our parish,' Mancuso added.

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