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'Some people are on the street with just a sleeping bag but I like a bit of luxury’: Homeless man, 55, turns a multi-storey car parking space into his own ‘hotel’ complete with framed pictures, bedding and a cardboard carpet (10 Pics)

A homeless man has incredibly created his own 'hotel' in the middle of a car park complete with a sofa, flowers and a doormat emblazoned with 'home'.
Paul Lindsay-Jones, 55, transformed a disabled car park lot in Truro, Cornwall after he was evicted from his house.
While Mr Lindsay-Jones lost his home two weeks ago, he has kept his chin up - taking pride in working with his unconventional new space.
'I don’t mind it - it’s my hotel,' he said.  
Mr Lindsay-Jones was extremely resourceful in rummaging through bin collections around the city to find frames and vintage ornaments for his new home.
He said: 'I take pride. Some people are on the street with just a sleeping bag but I like a bit of luxury.'
Mr Lindsay-Jones has also taken to some handy work, having constructed a small table and is now on his next project - making a sofa from two recycled chairs.
His new home which he calls his 'eight-storey hotel' also features a door mat at the front adorned with the word 'home' as well as a small bouquet of flowers.
Mr Lindsay-Jones even said he has a pretend phone line which he says 'gives a little bit of luxury.'
Justin Day, legal director at St Petroc’s Society, said: 'It is a sad story as he was evicted from his former property but our outreach teams are visiting him daily and trying to build up trust.
'We are ultimately trying to entice him into our resettlement centers but he doesn’t want that at the moment.
Cornwall Council is currently investigating Paul’s housing arrangements. 
Safer Truro said in a statement: 'We are aware Moorfield car park continues to be an area where individuals rough sleep.
'We continue to monitor this, and extensive work is taking place to continue to support and offer suitable accommodation options, safeguard individuals and take appropriate action to reduce any escalating concerns.'

Paul Lindsay-Jones transformed this a car park space in Moorfield car park, Truro, in Cornwall (pictured) after he was evicted from his home two weeks ago

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