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'This baby about to die': Shocking footage showing a mom trying to DROWN her daughter goes viral after she posted it to the girl's father's Facebook in a row over child support (3 Pics)

A mother in Georgia has been arrested after a disturbing video showed her dunking her baby’s head in water in an apparent row over child support. 
Police in Griffin confirmed the arrest of Laquanda Lenea Mosley, 27, saying she was being held in the Spalding County Jail on felony aggravated assault with attempt to murder, child cruelty, and terroristic threats.
Laquanda Lenea Mosley sent Kevin Banks a video of her dunking their five-month-old baby’s head in water via Facebook, which then went viral on social media.
The mother of the infant told officers she shot the video Tuesday and sent it to the child’s father because he refused to give her money. 
In the video she can be heard saying: 'This is what you f*****g want right here'.  
The father made the video public before contacting the police.
Kevin Banks, the infant's father, told Fox5 : 'My heart dropped in my stomach and I'm grown, I'm not a crybaby, I immediately start crying and bust into tears because this is my daughter.' 
Medical staff at the Spalding Regional Hospital conducted a health check of the infant following which she was released. It remains unclear if the infant was injured.
After the clip was posted, police investigated and arrived at the woman's home where they found her with three children.
All three children were placed in the custody of the Division of Family and Children Services.
She initially told investigating officers that Banks had made the video and sent it to her a couple of months previously.
But after viewing the video officers confronted her saying it appeared she intentionally was trying to drown the baby.
She later confessed and said she did it to try and get attention from the baby’s father.
Mosley sent the baby's father a video of her shocking deed with messages on Facebook 
She sent Banks a series of messages saying 'send me my money now or she bouta die live' as she continued submerging the tiny baby's head under water.
Mosle also gave a 'thumbs-up' sign to her estranged partner before posting the video.
Griffin Police Lieutenant Michael Natale said additional warrants were being secured against the mother as they investigated the case. 
He added the incident came to light after they were contacted by the child’s father who lived out of state.
'It’s tough to watch. It’s tough to watch. I think we all can agree on that,' said Captain  Chris Wilson, Griffin Police Department.
He said officers made the arrest after conducting a welfare check at the mother’s apartment on the 800 block of North Eighth Street.
'Through our initial investigation and talking to her, I will say she did it early in the morning which would have put the kids at school, the youngest kids at school, so, yeah the young kids would not have been there. 
 'I believe they're in Pre-K and Kindergarten age,' said Captain  Wilson.
He added: 'If it wouldn't have been posted we wouldn't have known. That's the kind of the double-edged sword'.  
All three children are now in the custody of the Department of Family and Children's Services.
Atlanta Police asked people not to share the deeply disturbing video any further. Police are in the process of trying to get the video taken down.
The father’s family started a GoFundMe page to raise money for him so he can make the trip from Minnesota where he lives to visit his children in Georgia.
‘He recently moved to Minnesota to better himself for his children. He currently resides with me in my home, and he currently doesn’t have the funds to make the trip to see about his daughter. 
'He also doesn’t know if he has the proper means to care for her.
‘We would like to ask our Facebook family if they could help donate $1 towards helping him get to his daughter and to also check up on the other three siblings. 
'We greatly appreciate anything you can contribute, and if you cannot we still thank you all for sharing and saving her life we’re very grateful'. 

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  1. The sad truth is far more people have children than want them. How ironic that there are stringent safeguards when adopting a pet at the animal shelter but not even minimal criteria for bringing life into the world.