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Transgender girl charged in brutal Texas high school attack caught on camera 'was hitting back at bully after receiving a death threat'

A transgender girl identified by police as Travez Perry (above) has been charged with assaulting two students at Tomball High School in Texas

A Texas high school hallway turned into a brutal crime scene last week when a man “transitioning” to a woman attacked two fellow students, apparently in retaliation for bullying, according to news reports.
“There’s more to this story to this story than meets the eye,” the attorney for the defendant, 18-year-old Travez Perry, told the judge in the case, according to KTRK.
Perry is charged with assault and is now out on bond in the beating, which sent two students — a male and a female — to the hospital, according to the station.
Apparently,  Perry — who goes by the name “Millie,” according to the U.K. Daily Mail — was being bullied on social media by a female classmate at Tomball High School near Houston, which prompted his attack.
This KTRK video shows Perry brutally beating the girl and another student. Both students attacked by Perry required hospital treatment after the incident, which took place Tuesday, according to the Houston Chronicle. The girl apparently suffered a broken nose.
“The Tomball police report states that one male student was kicked in the face and knocked unconscious, while a female student was struck in the face with Perry’s knee,” KTRK reported.
“According to the police report, Perry told police that the female student had been bullying her and posted a photo of her on social media with a negative comment.”
The Daily Mail reported the male student was knocked unconscious by the attack.
An unidentified parent whose daughter was acquainted with Perry told the Daily Mail that Perry had received a death threat from the girl victim online:
“From what my daughter has said that the girl that was the bully had posted a picture of Millie saying people like this should die.”
Social media debate is polarized on the event. Some Facebook comments condemned the violent reaction of Perry against the girl he attacked.
According to the Daily Mail: “One Facebook commenter summed up the views of many, writing: ‘This was brutal, and severe! I was bullied for years and never attacked anyone!’
“This person will get off because they’re transitioning. This is an animal. She kicked, and stomped, and beat…not okay. Bullying is not acceptable, but kicking someone in the head. Punishment doesn’t fit the crime.”
However, the Daily Mail noted this comment from one parent who has been a very ardent supporter of Perry on Facebook.
“I do not condone violence at all. But situations like this show that people now a days, not just kids, think they can post what they want. Or say what they want without thinking of who they are hurting.”
“Nobody knows what Millie has gone through, and this could have just been a final straw for her. That is all speculation of course because I don’t personally know her or her family, but as a parent and someone who is part of the LGBTQ community this girl needs help and support, not grown men online talking about her private parts and shaming and mocking her,” said the woman.
There have been few comments from the Tomball school district except to say it does not condone this behavior and that it is working with the police during the investigation. According to KTRK, the district released a statement declaring it would apply the student code of conduct “in a stern and efficient manner.”
Remember the days when the biggest concern kids had in high school was a date for the prom?
Things are definitely out of hand here on so many levels.
I would bet the code of conduct at Tomball High School doesn’t have anything in it to address the real, bigger-picture problems that led to the meltdown of this situation, from either side of it.

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  1. Transgender my ass! This is a testosterone filled teenage BOY with make up and dyed hair!! twice the strength of the girl, and probably stronger than the other boy. So sick and tired to these mentally ill people being pandered to.