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A VERY cheeky listing! Houston realtor under fire after she used half-naked models to promote one of her homes (4 Pics)

A Houston realtor is under fire after she used half-naked fitness models to help promote a listed home. 
Kristin Gyldenege wanted to do something out of the box to help get one of her homes more attention on a listing website. 
So Gyldenege hired two fitness models to act as a couple in the home, posing them in various photos where the man was shirtless and the woman was in her underwear.
In one photo the woman is topless and only wearing panties and knee-high socks as the man gives her a massage
Gyldenege (pictured) said the pictures, which she took herself, helped her book six showings the day after they went live

Other photos feature the couple in the kitchen and the woman in the bathroom and laundry room. 
'I didn't want anything slutty,' Gyldenege told the Houston Chronicle
'I wanted to represent a young couple who was on top of their game all the way around and who had just moved into this great house.' 
Gyldenege said she felt it looked more realistic to show the young couple only partially clothed while they went about daily tasks in their home.
She uploaded the pictures to Har.com, a website for Texas real estate, and they were picked up by multiple listing services. 
Gyldenege, who received permission from the homeowner before posting the photos, said Har.com took down the images after receiving more than 100 complaints.
But the photos have definitely helped bring more attention to the home, which is in a flood-prone neighborhood in Conroe.
Gyldenege said the pictures, which she took herself, helped her book six showings the day after they went live. 
Views on the listing for the home, which had been on the market for 40 days before the pictures went up, also jumped from less than 1,000 to more than 20,000. 
'In the end, that's what matters - doing what's best for my client,' she said. 
While Gyldenege hasn't received any serious offers on the house yet, she said she doesn't regret her edgy idea.  
'[Potential buyers] may not look like [the models],' she said. 'But if they think they could look like that in this house, they would be more attracted to at least see it.' 


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