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Fox News Declares War On Twitter And Its Going To Get Ugly (8 Pics)

Fox News' Twitter handle has been quiet since Thursday, November 8th and some believe it is a deliberate decision by the network in response to Twitter's disregard for safety in the wake of Tucker Carlson's home being targeted by far-left activists earlier this week.
According to Mediaite as well as Scott Gustin of Tribune Media, sources at Fox News said the Twitter silence is a tepid boycott because the social media platform refused to quickly and promptly take down posts featuring video of Carlson's home and address after a far-left group known as "Smash Racism DC" showing up at his house on Wednesday. 
Smash Racism DC mobbed Fox News' primetime host's house because they said they believed he was responsible for promoting a hateful ideology which could lead to incivility and fear. So, the group decided to prove that was immoral by promoting their own hateful ideology which lead to incivility and fear. Carlson's wife locked herself in a kitchen pantry and called 911 believing the "gathering" to be a home invasion. Carlson was not home, but quickly became aware of the scene. The protesters cracked his door as well spray painted his driveway with an anarchist symbol, according to Carlson. 
On Twitter and Facebook, the group posted his home address as well as video of his home. Fox News Carlson's team requested both social media platforms take down the posts. Facebook quickly did so while Twitter told Carlson to put in a request ticket, according to Gustin. 


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