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Guy Finds Out About The Imperial System, Goes On A Hilarious Rant On Twitter (47 Pics)

Every time the US citizens dare to complain about their weather, people who live outside the states usually mock them for the use of Fahrenheit, as pretty much no one knows temperature they’re exactly describing. But the temperature scale is not the only measurement that has people around the globe confused. Why? Because the USA uses the imperial system while pretty much the rest of the world use the metric system.
As a system of units, the imperial system was first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824. It was later reduced and refined, however, most of the countries that used it (British Empire and colonies) have since moved to the metric system. Well, not our dear ole states. They simply switched some things up, put a label “United States customary units” on it and went on their merry way. Still, doesn’t mean it’s still not going to confuse the rest of the world. And it surely confused one Twitter user, innesmck, that went on quite a rant after taking a closer look at some of the measurements. 

One Twitter use decided to take a closer look at the imperial system and it sent him on quite a rant

Here’s how people responded to the long rant

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  1. All goes to show how bad the education system has become - That guy is intimidated by simple arithmetic, and knows no history (of measurement).