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Hollywood Feminists Promote ‘Shout Your Abortion’ Book

Hollywood feminists are joining forces in the fight to take the sting out of abortion and will gather together in a "Stand Up for Shout Your Abortion" party this coming Friday.
Both comedienne Sarah Silverman and "Daily Show" co-creator Lizz Winstead promoted the event from their Twitter pages, which will take place at the Hollywood Improv on Friday, November 16. Comedians Danielle Radford and Danielle Perez will also be in attendance along with actress Amy Brenneman.
According to LifeNews, the "Shout Your Abortion" movement has evolved in its goal to make the deadly practice great again and "released its official book on Nov.1 which includes 'photos, essays, and creative work' from women who want to share how positively they have carried on post-procedure." The movement began in 2015 as a hashtag and has since blossomed into a full-fledged movement. More from LifeNews:
MRC’s Katie Yoder documented this phenomenon when it emerged on Twitter as “#shoutyourabortion” in 2015. It was a media darling from the get-go: The Washington Post gave the fledgling movement a front-page spread in their “Style” section in November 2015, where the Post’s Caitlin Gibson waxed that “#ShoutYourAbortion aims to advance a message of broader acceptance: If your abortion experience was hard and sad, that’s okay … If your abortion experience wasn’t hard or sad, that’s also okay.”
The party, the movement, and the book are products of the far-left — they unabashedly commend killing a child as a solution to life’s problems. If Winstead, Silverman, and media giants think that their mainstream audiences will be swayed to the left by attending this event or supporting this movement, they will be sorely disappointed.

The "Shout Your Abortion" movement comes as the mainstream media has been trying to paint Planned Parenthood in a new light by treating abortion as one of its lesser business practices. Recent interviews with the abortion giant's new president, Leana Wen, have featured soft-ball questions with little reference to the practice itself. Newsbusters reported on an appearance Wen made on CBS "This Morning" earlier this week where the hosts lamented how the organization has been unfairly politicized.
"The journalists allowed Dr. Leana Wen to repeat the mostly bogus claim that the abortion provider offers 'cancer screenings,'" reports Newsbusters, adding that Gayle King wondered if Wen had fretted about taking the job due to how controversial it has become.
"Did you have any trepidation? You're a mother of a 14-month-old baby, Elijah. You're still a practicing emergency room physician. It is now become such a politicized and such a controversial job, did you have any trepidation about taking it?" King asked.

Co-host Bianna Golodryga asked Wen how she plans to conduct herself against the supposed grudge-holder President Trump.
"Well, it is your first day at the job, but you are familiar with the Trump administration," said Golodryga. "As health commissioner of Baltimore, you've sued this administration twice and won. Given that this is a president who seems to hold grudges and has personal reactions to people directly, how do you plan open working with this administration going forward?" 

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