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Newsweek writer: ‘Almost every single person I’ve ever heard of with an AR-15 has been a mass murderer’ (25 Pics)

If you read the headline to this piece, you know what it’s about.
And yes, if you never touch a gun yourself and only hear about them on the news when there’s a mass shooting, you might very well be deluded into thinking all AR-15 owners are mass murderers.
It’s not often that CNN reports on a man who goes to the range, fires his legally owned AR-15, and goes home and locks it in a gun safe.
We’re thinking Newsweek’s Nina Burleigh needs to get out more and hear from some law-abiding AR-15 owners.

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  1. That the firearm which is at the top of the list that the globalists and their lackeys wanted banned,( lightweight, effective round,fairly flat shooting, low recoil, number of rounds that can be carried, easy to shoot by women, etc).It is invoked as being used in most of the fake shootings (drills) and demonized in order to gain masses support in banning it. There was a prank stabbing in a restaurant in Philadelphia not so long ago.This is how the establishment aka deep state pulls off their fake shootings with the media support.Do not be fooled, responsible gun owners are the ordinary citizen's friend...