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Ocasio-Cortez Attempts To Tell Senate What To Do, Gets Schooled (8 Pics)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made a name for herself after arriving in Washington D.C as one of the newest members of Congress coming in 2019.
Armed with her insane socialist ideas, and attacks on her own Party, she has started adding enemies by the dozens.
Now, not satisfied with ruining the House of Representatives, the freshman congressperson-elect wants to tell the Senate what to do.
On Wednesday the Sen. Bernie Sanders group Our Revolution sent a tweet in response to Sen. Schumer’s plan to give $5 billion towards a border wall.
“$0. $0 is what should be allocated for this president’s racist border wall,” it read.
The 29-year-old could not wait to add her two cents.
“Say it again for the people in the Senate,” she wrote.
Relax. No one takes you seriously now and you want to add dictating to the Senate to your list.
Too ambitious.
Twitter users took her to school.

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