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They’ll be grateful when it’s over! Hilarious snaps of Thanksgiving dinners capture cringe-worthy costumes, napping grandparents and VERY underwhelmed expressions (15 Pics)

The hilarious snaps capture the all too familiar down sides of family gatherings; from cranky children and ridiculous outfits to napping grandparents and questionable efforts in the kitchen. 
In one snap, two men who've taken over cooking duties have set about basting the bird; their cigarettes dangling perilously close to the turkey. 
In others, the addition of Thanksgiving costumes has done little to bring smiles to youngsters' faces, with many looking distinctly underwhelmed by their pilgrim hats. 
A series of awkward snaps of Thanksgiving celebrations has captured some less than successful dinners - including this one of a home cook with his cigarette dangling perilously close to the turkey 
Not in the mood for turkey? This young diner looks distinctly underwhelmed by the prospect of her Thanksgiving feast 
Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to dress children up in hilarious costumes - when they're too young to know what's happening 
The addition of Thanksgiving-themed pilgrim hats hasn't done much to bring smiles to the faces of this family 
Another hapless baby trussed up like a turkey for the celebrations - a memory to be treasured for years to come 
Some of the families featured went all out for the celebrations, going so far as to dress up as pilgrims for the occasion 

There's always one! Although noone in this snap seems thrilled at the prospect of a family photo, all but one managed not to pull a silly face 
When can we leave? With the plates cleared, noone looks keen to linger over this particular Thanksgiving table 
Food coma? This gentleman couldn't even make it to the sofa he was so keen for his post-Thanksgiving dinner snooze 
Start them early! Even children look underwhelmed by Thanksgiving celebrations sometimes - like these schoolkids

Save some for us! The man in this photograph seems to prefer beer and spirits to the more traditional turkey sides 
These siblings look less than impressed with their costumes for a family Thanksgiving celebration 
Captured at just the wrong moment! It seems the family in this photo shoot weren't quite ready to say cheese 

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