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Writer Who’s Against Illegal Immigration Says Government Should Intervene With ‘Uncontacted Tribe’, Gets Murdered By Words (29 Pics)

Writer Matt Walsh has been very open about his stance on illegal immigration. Some people, however, have just started pointing fingers at one of his recent tweets, saying that Walsh’s a hypocrite when it comes to crossing borders. The heated discussion began when Walsh expressed his opinion about the way governments should treat isolated tribes.
The question of whether or not it’s just for modern societies to bring civilization to these groups isn’t new, and it’s still quite relevant. According to Survival International, currently there are more than one hundred uncontacted tribes around the world. And while the charitable trust believes that “industrialized societies subject tribal peoples to genocidal violence, slavery and racism so they can steal their lands, resources and labour in the name of ‘progress’ and ‘civilization,'” Walsh has expressed a different opinion.

This commenter, however, thought that Walsh was being a hypocrite

Then, more people expressed their opinions

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