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‘You played yourself’: Mexican woman becomes U.S. citizen to own the cons (31 Pics)

Again, we usually steer away from random people on Twitter and focus on those exalted blue checks, but every once in a while, a tweet goes viral and you can’t help but cover it.
Remember earlier this week when rocker Billy Idol became a U.S. citizen? That was pretty cool, but Barbara here, who calls herself born and raised Mexican in her Twitter bio, made sure to let social media know that she became a U.S. citizen to own the cons — especially President Trump.
Becoming a U.S. citizen by following the legal process is supposed to make Trump supporters mad?


  1. this is how she really feels about yalls:

    ""so fuck you and your momma a hoe""

  2. So heart warming when we get the "best and brightest" from the 3rd World hellholes.

  3. Good on you girl. Now, go out and vote for those democrats who want all the others to do it illegally, even though they do not deserve it as you do.