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Father and stepmother 'punished his 9-year-old daughter by waterboarding her in a bathtub'

 Joseph Maeser Mitchell, 29
 Ilaria Catherina Mitchell, 28

A Utah couple waterboarded their nine-year-old daughter as a form of punishment, authorities have alleged.
Joseph Maeser Mitchell, 29, and his wife, Ilaria Catherina Mitchell, 28, were both arrested and charged with one count of felony child abuse.
‘The nine-year-old disclosed that her father, Joseph Mitchell, and her stepmother, Ilaria Mitchell, have punished her three separate times by putting a towel over her face and pouring water on it,’ according to the police report obtained by Gephardt Daily.
‘The girl went into detail saying that Joseph and Ilaria would take her to the bathroom and tie her hands behind her back.
‘They would then hold her down in the bathtub and place a towel over her face and pour water on it.
She stated that she 'cannot breathe and it hurts when this happens', according to the report. 
The girl also told police that her step-mother punched in the nose, causing it to bleed, and that the alleged abuse happened at least three times.
Authorities said that the child was taken to a hospital where she was treated for wrist injuries.
The injuries are said to be consistent with her being tied down and having her hands bound.
Police said that Joseph Mitchell was also found with a credit card in the name of his wife’s 7-year-old nephew.
Authorities also charged him with unlawful possession of a financial card, a third-degree felony. 

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