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'He bounced and left me to clean up his mess': US comedy show SNL mocks Theresa May's Brexit stress - with Matt Damon playing a chillaxed David Cameron

US Comedy show Saturday Night Live ruthlessly mocked Theresa May last night over her struggle to deliver Brexit. 
The sketch featured Hollywood A-lister Matt Damon as former PM David Cameron, who returns to Downing Street to poke fun at Mrs May.
It starts with Mrs May, played by Kate McKinnon, dancing awkwardly in front of a group of police officers - a nod to the PM's excruciating dancing on stage at this year's Conservative Party conference.

'Happy Christmas Britain, what a dreadful week it's been,' she says.
'My Brexit deal is falling apart, I almost got voted out and no-one in the world likes me,' she continues.
May then introduces Cameron, saying: 'He's the man who called for the Brexit vote and when it passed he bounced and left me to clean up his mess.'  
Damon enters with slicked back hair and smug grin before saying: 'Theresa how are? You seem stressed.'

He explains that he's been on holiday in the Maldives and she 'really must go.'
When McKinnon says 'I'm a bit tied up at the moment,' Damon replies: 'Oh right, Brexit, I'm such a knob.'  
'You know what's funny,' he continues, 'is that people hate people me but they really hate you, even though I did Brexit. I mean you've got to laugh.'
The sketch then continues with Mckinnon opening a series of presents to the Prime Minister, only to find that they all contain feces. 
It ends with her introducing her 'next guest,' Lord Voldermort, saying 'he's the one person in Britain more reviled than me.'
Mrs May is clinging on to power in Britain after she narrowly survived a vote of no confidence in her leadership last week - with as many as 37 per cent of her Conservative Party voting to oust her.
She is now trying to seek assurances from EU leaders over a draft Brexit deal before she will try to get the deal through parliament. 
If she fails, Britain will exit the EU on 29 March without any trade deal in place.
It comes after Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt insisted the UK would 'flourish and prosper' even without an exit agreement.
Mr Hunt has also said he wanted a 'crack' at succeeding Theresa May after the Prime Minister takes the country through what he described as 'this challenging next few months'.
The comments came after Mrs May made it clear she would step down before the scheduled 2022 general election as she fought off a backbench bid to topple her last week.
Mr Hunt's upbeat remarks on a no-deal scenario - saying the UK had faced much bigger challenges in its history - put him at odds with Cabinet colleagues like Justice Secretary David Gauke and Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd who have warned about the impact of failing to secure an agreement. 

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