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Horrifying moment a US Bitcoin trader, 21, who 'strangled his girlfriend to death' in the Philippines loads the body hidden in a box into a cab with the help of his business partner, 22, before 'dumping her in a river' (2 Pics)

 Video shows well-known American Bitcoin trader Troy Woody, Jr., 21 (right), who has been arrested after allegedly murdering his girlfriend  Tomi Michelle Masters, 23 (left), with a friend then dumping her naked body in a river, loading a large box said to contain her remains into the back of a taxi

Video shows a well-known American Bitcoin trader, who has been arrested after allegedly murdering his girlfriend with a friend then dumping her naked body in a river, loading a large box said to contain her remains into the back of a taxi.
Troy Woody Jr., 21, had been living with partner Tomi Michelle Masters, 23, and mutual friend Mir Islam, 22, in the Philippines.
But friends said the couple fell out earlier this month and Masters made a desperate plea to return home to Indiana.
Woody and Islam later allegedly suffocated Masters then wrapped her naked body in duct tape before stuffing it into a brown box.
The pair - who boast online about taking cocaine and spending vast sums on luxury goods - ordered a Grab taxi on a phone app and then are believed to have hurled the box into the Pasig River in Manila, Philippines, on December 23 in the early hours of the morning at 2.40am.
Both men returned to the taxi and continued to their destination, a large shopping mall called Robinsons Place.
Cabbie John Kenneth Quimba later reported the suspicious passengers to local police who searched the river and found Masters' body covered in scratches, inside of a garbage bag.
Woody, who had been living in California, and Islam, who is from Brooklyn, were arrested later that afternoon and are being detained by the Manila Police District force at the headquarters.
Police station head Superintendent Igmedio Bernaldez said both men are blaming each other for killing Masters, but they admit dumping the body.
Supt Bernaldez said: 'We have yet to establish the motive. The three were here on vacation.
'If you ask the boyfriend, he will point to his friend as the killer. But if you ask the other suspect, he will say it was his friend who killed her.
'They are being questioned and the home they were staying at is being searched for evidence.'

Friends of the couple said that Masters had become tired of 'the scene' and deleted all pictures of her and Woody together from social media. She then expressed online her desired to return home.
According to Senior Supt. Moises Villaceran Jr., Mandaluyong police chief, the autopsy result showed that suffocation was the cause of death. It's not clear if she was dead before being thrown in the river.
Police said that Masters and the two alleged killers had arrived together in Manila for a vacation earlier this year and stayed in the city.
Masters was believed to have been killed inside the condominium unit she was sharing with her boyfriend in Mandaluyong City.
The two men were arrested at a condominium unit in Ermita, Manila shortly after the body was found.
Masters' father, Shawn Masters, said that he will bring his daughter's body back to Indiana where they will arrange her funeral. 
Islam has a long criminal history of swatting, which is the false reporting of a serious incident such as a bomb threat, murder, or hostage situation, to bring a large number of emergency responders to a designated area, according to KrebsonSecurity
He was sentenced in 2016 to one year in jail for reporting phony bomb threats and fake hostage situations at the homes of celebrities and public officials, as well as stalking people online and posting their personal data on the Internet.  
Islam filed a handwritten lawsuit from jail earlier in 2018 that named Woody, referring to him as 'TJ,' and accused him of 'typosquatting,' which is a form of cybersquatting where a person will hijack a brand by capitalizing on common typos made by internet users to obtain URLs that are similar to URLs owned by others.
In 2012, Islam was part of an FBI sting called Operation Card Shop, where the intelligence agency busted a group of nearly two dozen people for allegedly trafficking in stolen credit card information.
The operation was run by a group which Islam is believed to have founded called carders[dot]org, which collectively possessed information for more than 50,000 credit cards. 
Islam is believed to be the co-founder of UGNazi (Undergound Nazi Hacktivist Group), a hacking group thought to have hacked many high-profile websites, including those of the CIA, the Department of Justice, Twitter and UFC.com. Woody is also said to have been a member of the group, which according to Wikipedia, became WhiteHat in 2018.
WhiteHat Security is a group that gets paid to test the security of websites.
Both suspects told police they were from Luxr LLC, a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading firm registered in Lewes, Delaware. 
Woody, who has gone by 'MrOsama' and 'Everlife,' describes himself online as an 'Early Crypto Investor.' He has 17,000 followers on Twitter and 250,000 followers on Instagram.
Islam, who refers to himself online as 'Josh the God,' has 18,000 followers on Instagram.

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