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“I Teach Swimming To Kids For Free. Mom Demands That I Teach Her Son Exclusively And Give Her The Money” (5 Pics)

When you’re a kind enough person to volunteer your own time in order to help kids learn to swim, the least you should expect is a little gratitude. However, there is a certain kind of person out there that can’t appreciate kindness for what it is, choosing to see it as a weakness to be exploited instead.

This swimming teacher from Southern India shared the shocking exchange that she had with a single mom, who appears to be just this type of entitled brat, and people can’t believe the sheer ungratefulness of it all. Making demands straight off the bat, the mom immediately rings alarm bells. I mean, what better way to endear yourself to somebody you’d like to do you a favor than harass them to ‘reply faster?’ 
The teacher, Reddit user u/pretent_its_witty, refers to the single mom as ‘Aunty.’ This is a common thing to do in India, as a way to show respect to people who are older than you. “She didn’t tell me what her name and I was in office, so I just saved it in a hurry,” she explained. “Usually, I’d save it as Aunty X or Uncle Y. This is not some common customer. I was gonna see her kid at least twice a week (when I agreed in the beginning). And I need to save the number of guardians of KIDS I am teaching.”

What becomes abundantly clear however is that this mom did not deserve a shred of the poor teacher’s respect. From demands to threats to childish insults, she tried every trick in the book to bully and manipulate the teacher into giving her exactly what she wanted. Don’t believe us?

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