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Looking for a new job in 2019? Millionaire entrepreneur shares the four things all the best CVs have in common - and the ONE addition that will make yours stand out

With the new year mere days away, many will be thinking about the career goals they want to achieve in 2019 - and how they need to get there.
With this in mind, the millionaire Australian entrepreneur and CEO of Business Chicks Emma Isaacs has revealed exactly how to hone and perfect your CV.
Speaking to FEMAIL, Emma shared the four things all the best CVs have in common - and the one addition that will make yours stand out from the crowd.

1. Keep it short and snappy
You might have plenty of experience and want to convey that, but Emma explained that employers don't have time to read through every single little thing you've achieved in your life.
'Before Business Chicks, I owned a recruitment company, so I've read my fair share of CVs over the years,' she told Daily Mail Australia.
'A good CV is short and snappy and one or maximum two pages.' 
Focus in on the things that you think the employer will value, and delete everything else.
2. Get the details right
It's an obvious one, but still so many CVs come into companies with key details about the business and the CEO that are wrong.
'Get all of the small, but important details right, like the spelling of someone's name,' Emma explained. 
Rid your CV of any spelling mistakes, which often mean your letter will end up straight in the bin.
3. Get your experience right
For Emma, while experience is important, the more vital thing is showing how useful your experience can be.
'The most relevant thing is showing how your experience will help to solve problems,' she said.
4. List your top achievements
Lastly, you should write down your top achievements - across a professional level.
'Make it easy for an employer to say yes to an interview,' she added.
The extra thing that makes all the difference
While the best CVs will be free from mistakes, full of detail, relevant experience and relatively short and snappy, Emma also said that there is one thing that will set yours apart.
'If you really want to improve your CV in the New Year, the number one thing you'll want to consider is beefing out the extra curricular things you're involved in,' Emma said.
'This could be mentoring others or joining the office netball team.'
You might not think it, but the award-winning CEO said that often it's 'these things that differentiate you from another candidate.
'They demonstrate your genuine interest in supporting others and working as part of a team,' she said.

What are Emma Isaacs' top tips for women in business? 

* Skills are important, but relationships are more so. Call it networking, call it relationship building, but the key thing here is that people see relationships as highly valuable and worth spending time on.
* Do the things that others don't in the office, whether it's saying hello in the elevator, following up on a conversation had in the lift and being prepared for every meeting.
* Own up to your mistakes and learn from them.
* Stay away from office gossip. Be known as a person of integrity and get known as someone who supports others, always.
* Volunteer for jobs outside of your department and become a mentor to others.
* Sharing knowledge not only helps you to stand out and get liked, but it's very satisfying to support others and see them succeed. 

What is the Four Burners theory?

Emma wrote about an idea in her book, Winging It, called the Four Burners theory.
The way the theory works is that you imagine your life as a four-burner stove. Each burner represents friends, family, health and work. 
It has been said before that if you want to be successful, you should turn off at least one of your burners. And if you want to be super successful, you should turn off two.

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