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'Once you’ve seen one canal in Venice, you’ve seen them all!' Tourists reveal the most disappointing destinations they've ever been to

Venice is full of samey canals, the Egyptian pyramids are too small and the Louvre has too many exhibits.
They may seem like absurd complaints to make.
But well-travelled tourists have made them nevertheless - on an internet thread dedicated to heart-wrenchingly disappointing attractions they've visited.

The discussion started on online forum Quora, where one user posed the question: 'What is the most disappointing tourist destination you’ve ever visited?'
And destinations in Italy were among the first to be criticised with Drussila Holland saying Venice didn't live up to expectations.
George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin had their wedding there, but for Holland, it's nothing but a 'tourist trap' with too many canals. That all look alike.
She wrote: 'Venice is nothing but a tourist trap. At first, when you see the famous canals cutting the city, sure! It’s actually quite interesting.

'But that’s it. Once you’ve seen one canal, you’ve seen them all. There’s nothing else to Venice.'
While an anonymous contributor wrote how they did not enjoy their visit to Florence - the Renaissance time-capsule that's home to the Duomo cathedral, the Galleria degli Uffizi – which houses the world’s greatest collection of Italian Renaissance art – and the Museo del Bargello, which harbours a collection of sculptures by Michelangelo and an entire hall of Donatello’s.
But this contributor wasn't at all impressed, explaining: 'Really, the only thing to do is walk around miles and miles in squares (the way the city is designed, you are constantly turning back to where you just came from) or buy tours.

'We did both of these things and were disappointed with the results.
'Since the area is so tourist developed, you can’t really see what life is like for residents, which is what we really wanted to discover on our trip.'
For Ina Abdul, it was the pyramids in Giza that were disappointing.
They are the sole remaining wonder of the Seven Wonders of the World, with the Great Pyramid constructed from over two million stone blocks by 100,000 people.
But for Abdul, they were simply 'not that tall and wide as I had pictured in my imagination'.
Next up was Colin Marestsky, whose brow was furrowed by Koh Phi Phi island in Thailand.  
He said: 'It cannot be overlooked that the island itself is being destroyed by huge amounts of plastic, numbers of boats, and people ripping coral out of the ocean.
'It’s like that story of the tourists all grabbing and taking pictures with a baby dolphin so much that it died, except this time, the dolphin is an island.'
While Badari Panuganti wrote about Bali: 'Beaches are not the best. If you really travel away here and there and do lot of research you might find some.
'But, if you instead go to Phuket in Thailand, you will get better beaches, almost anywhere. Water I felt was better in Phuket.'
Eulises Quintero said the worst place he ever visited was the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh.
He explained: 'I actually heard some hotel guests at the lobby trying to get in contact with the police because they had just been robbed, and apparently they were having troubles getting someone at the police station to take their case, the hotel staff just told them: "Let it go, people get robbed around here all the time."'
Traveller C. Nthenya contributed to the thread saying Dubai is nothing but a 'concrete jungle'.
He explained: 'Everything about this place is/feels manufactured. Everything! Well… besides the sand and the sweltering heat.
'It's like a giant theme park where they've borrowed bits and pieces from just about every developed country in the world, and replicated it out there in the desert on a grand, and obscenely extravagant scale.'
For Nadhiya Athaide, Tokyo was similar.
She added: 'The entire city felt like plastic to me.'
While Kristin M Wilson was furious with Santorini, known for its idyllic beaches, blue-topped buildings and volcanic landscape.
She said: 'I think Santorini, Greece, is the most disappointing place I’ve ever been. It’s not much different than the thousands of other islands in Greece except that it’s more expensive and crowded.'
Charles Tango joined in too, slamming the Louvre - the world's largest museum and home to tens of thousands of paintings dating from the sixth to the 19th century.
For Mr Tango, it was 'ridiculously overcrowded'.

He said: 'The real thing that ensures I will never re-enter the Louvre again is the sheer ridiculousness of it.
'Yes, it has a collection of antiquities that is unparalleled, but it is completely lost in the number of items on display.'
For Graham Stephens, the ancient Acropolis in Athens did not live up to expectations.
Unesco describes it as a 'symbol of the classical spirit and civilization and... the greatest architectural and artistic complex bequeathed by Greek Antiquity to the world'. 
But Mr Stephens said it's just a 'crumbling ruin'.
He said: 'You slog up to the top of the hill in the early morning to beat the queues and find the Parthenon is just a crumbling ruin surrounded by a few smaller ruins.
'Admittedly its under renovation but that will take decades at the current rate of progress. Scaffolding is everywhere.'
While for Amish Agarwal, he was left wondering what all the hype is about when it came to Times Square in New York.
He explained: 'It is nothing but a big claustrophobic street made for filthy rich shoppers. It might seem charming at first, but soon it turns sad.' 


Venice - 'tourist trap - and once you've seen one canal you've seen them all'
Florence - 'the only thing to do is walk around in squares'
Pyramids of Giza - 'not that tall or wide'
Koh Phi Phi island - 'it's being destroyed by plastic'
Bali - 'beaches are not the best'
Phnom Penh - 'full of robbers'
Dubai - 'concrete jungle'
Santorini - 'expensive and crowded'
Louvre - 'ridiculous'
Acropolis - 'just a crumbling ruin and a few smaller ruins'
Times Square - 'sad' 
Source - Quora users 

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