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Parkland high school shooting crisis consultant - who was paid $75,000 to handle PR after the massacre - is caught on video calling critics 'crazies' and reporter 'skanky jerk' who 'smells bad'

A crisis public relations consultant who was hired by the school district after the shooting in Parkland, Florida has been caught on video calling critics of the district 'crazies' and a local reporter 'skanky' and a 'jerk' who 'smells bad'.
Sara Brady apologized after video emerged this week of her acid remarks at a conference of school public relations executives at the Hyatt Regency in Garden Grove, California in July.
Brady was paid $75,000 by Broward County Public Schools to help manage public relations after the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which left 17 dead and 17 injured.
In her remarks at the conference, Brady slammed critics of Broward's controversial 'Promise' jail diversion program for youth, saying that 'all the crazies kind of came out' after the district's superintendent denied that the program had anything to do with the shooting.
'The district knows who the crazies are and who the opposition is, and so certainly they seized on it and started putting stuff out there,' Brady said. 
Conservative critics have said that the Obama-era Promise program, which diverts students who commit minor crimes on campus from serving jail time, is to blame for letting accused shooter Nikolas Cruz walk free after prior infractions. Cruz was arrested soon after the shooting and faces the death penalty if convicted.

But family members of the victims have also criticized the Promise program, leading some to wonder just whom Brady was tarring as 'crazy' in her remarks.
In a statement, Brady said that the remark was 'in reference to the anonymous trolls and bots who seemingly always appear after these hideous tragedies.'
Also coming under fire in Brady's acerbic speech was Sun-Sentinel reporter Scott Travis, who covers the Broward school district and has been dogged in covering the investigations that followed the shooting.
'He is sloppy, he's reckless, he's mean, and he smells bad,' she said, without referring to Travis by name. 
Laughing along with the audience of PR professionals, Brady went on to call Travis 'that nasty, skanky reporter'. 
Reached for comment by DailyMail.com, Travis noted that Brady had never met him, and thus has no way of knowing what he smells like.
In an apology on Twitter, Brady wrote: 'My remarks [were] intended to poke at the media in general. I offer my profound apology for my lapse in judgment and display of disrespect.'
Brady no longer works for the Broward district, and never will again, Superintendent Robert Runcie told the Sun-Sentinel.
'We may have had our differences, but never have I been in a situation where that kind of language was used,' Runcie said, acknowledging his sometimes fractious relationship with the press. 'It's hurtful. It's wrong. And it doesn't represent my views or the views of the leadership of the school district.' 
Broward county commissioner Michael Udine, who represents Parkland, said on Twitter that the district should have made a different choice for its PR consultant.
'So sad. This is so wrong on so many levels,' he wrote. 'First rule of crisis PR. Don't let your crisis PR person cause you additional crisis PR.' 


  1. "Parkland shooting" was a hoax pulled off by the deep state with the assistance of complicit media...

  2. wtf did they need a PR person? how odd if it was real.