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REVEALED: From millennials to Generation X - the average number of sexual partners each generation has experienced

It's long been thought that each generation has been more free-wheeling and sexually liberated than the last. 
And now there may be evidence of truth to the widely-held rumour, with the average number of sexual partners for each generation revealed. 
The revelations follow a survey by healthcare company euroClinix, which aimed to pinpoint the average number of lovers every age group has had.  
While baby boomers had an average of 10.7 sexual partners across their decades in the game - this figure was already surpassed by those aged much younger.

Millennials, who are generally thought to be aged between 23 and 37, have already clocked up an average of 11.6 partners in their lifetime.
Broken down this equates to a 10.8 and 13.4 average for men and women respectively. 
Comparatively, Generation X who are now between 38 and 53 years old trumped the eras on both its sides, racking up an average of 13.1 lovers. 
For men this resulted in 16.1 partners while their female counterparts at 10.1. 
But overall, it seems the real players are the youngest group surveyed - Generation Z, who are born after 1995. 
Despite their youth and lack of time since reaching sexual maturity, the youngsters are leaving their older counterparts in the dust. 
So far the group, all aged in their early 20s have already had an average of 5.6 sexual partners. 
This meant Generation Z males had 7.6 partners while women had an average of 2.6. 
And while the number of partners has crept up with each generation, the ideal amount of bedpost notches to have racked up was revealed recently in an online survey. 
The study by IllicitEncounters.com, a dating website for married people, found both sexes agreed that 12 was the perfect number of lovers to have had.
Asked why a dozen partners was perfect, both sexes said it showed someone was 'sexually adventurous, liberal and transient'.
Meanwhile someone who has had fewer than 10 partners is 'too conservative' and 'sexually inexperienced', according to the research.
On the other end of the scale, both men and women agreed that anything above 19 partners is a red flag, as they would consider the person to be 'too selfish', 'difficult to please' or 'too eager to jump from partner to partner'. 

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