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Sheriff's captain arrested for distributing child porn gets no jail time

A sheriff's captain who was originally charged with distributing child pornography has pleaded guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, receiving no jail time in turn.
The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports 40-year-old Donny Lewis Dixon entered in a written agreement Wednesday to be convicted on the misdemeanor charge.
He was arrested in June after investigators executed a search warrant. But defense attorney Peter Baruch says there was no document or image showing his client possessed anything illegal on his computer.
Baruch says the legal teams avoided a trial by agreeing to something that didn't involve sex offender registration.
Dixon's 12-month jail sentence has been suspended, providing he complete therapy and treatment, and avoid unsupervised contact with unrelated minors.
He resigned from his Chesterfield County post shortly after his arrest.


  1. This MF walks. There is a guy in Burke County, NC where I live who is facing 14 years for the same thing. The justice system is really fair. "We are all equal, some more equal than others"

  2. well let that be a lesson::
    if you are going to be a child pornographer,
    then you damn well better be a police captain.