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Stormy Daniels blasts controversial law that bans strip clubs from hiring dancers under 21 as 'sexist' as she joins protesters in Louisiana

 Stormy Daniels returned to her hometown in Louisiana to protest a law that prohibits women under 21 from working as strippers.
The former porn actress called the law 'unconstitutional' and 'sexist' as she stood outside the Louisiana state capitol in Baton Rouge on Sunday.
She and other protesters were demonstrating against a bill, originally known as SB468, that says strip clubs cannot employ dancers below the age of 21 after it was recently upheld by a court.
Although the legislation doesn't specifically mention women, many – including Daniels – have interpreted it as targeting female dancers, according to TMZ.
'This is an unconstitutional law, it eliminates the right of an adult woman to freely choose her occupation and express herself,' Daniels, 39, said to the crowd in front of the courthouse.
'Not only is the law unconstitutional, it is f****** sexist. It specifically targets female dancers, not male entertainers.
'How such a law could get passed in this day and age is absolutely mindboggling and insulting to every female out there whether you work in the adult entertainment business or not.

'This could be a gateway to many other things that feminist and other human beings should not allow to happen.'
The controversial bill was signed into law in 2016 as a way to fight human trafficking.
It is set to be reinforced this month despite being challenged by three women, TMZ reports.
But Daniels added: 'This law was presented as a way to prevent human trafficking, but common sense will tell you it's gonna have the opposite effect.
'Many of these women who work this very legal occupation will be force out of their jobs unable to support their children unable to make tuition payments.'
She added: 'We need to stand up for the rights of the women in Louisiana and across this great country.
'This is a huge setback on the rights of women and it needs to be changed.
'Please reach out to tour local lawmakers and demand to repeal this unjust law immediately.'
Daniels left the protest immediately after her speech due to the cold weather, according to a TMZ clip of the moment. 
Her appearance at the protest came after she cancelled a performance at Goldfinger strip in Sunrise, Florida, on Saturday night. 
On her social media accounts, Daniels claimed the owner called her assistant a homophobic slur.
'I will NOT be performing at Goldfinger tonight because the owner called my assistant a f*****g f****t after asking me to do something not in my contract,' she wrote alongside a photo of herself outside the venue.
'That kind of abuse will not be tolerated.'  

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