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UPS Store Deletes Christmas 'Shredding' Tweet After Massive Backlash (7 Pics)

In case this is not abundantly clear, do not — under any circumstances, ever — mess with Santa Claus.
The United Parcel Service (UPS) learned that lesson again this week the very hard way. The UPS Store posted what was intended to be a clever tweet on Twitter, but it all went to the South Pole fast.
“If your child addresses a letter to the North Pole, you can leave it with us. We do shredding,” the tweet read (it has since been deleted).
Twitterers ripped the UPS Store as if it'd killed Santa himself.

A few even said they'd jump over to UPS's competition for their holiday shipping.
The UPS kerfuffle follows another incident in which Santa was the bad guy. During a family event in the English town of St. Ives in Cambridgeshire, fire alarms were set off by smoke in a nearby hall, which prompted a man dressed as Santa Claus to leap up from his comfy chair, tear off his beard and yell to children and parents to "get the f**k out!"
"He came [charging] in, ripped his hat and beard off in front of 50 odd kids and started shouting and swearing at people to leave," said a post on Facebook.
"You should be ashamed of yourself acting like that in front of children. There is no way he should be allowed near a child," the poster said.
Organizers quickly offered their apologies.
"Santa was upstairs in his grotto, an event organised by Festival Events St Ives (a voluntary organisation) and immediately assisted in the evacuation of the building," they wrote. "FESt wish to apologise for any offence or distress caused to parents and children by the attempts to ensure all visitors and staff had exited the building and were safe."
"But the incident, which some on social media likened to the 2003 movie 'Bad Santa,' left parents furious," CNN reported.

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