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'Very truly yours, Donald Trump': President 'DID sign letter of intent to build a Trump Tower in Moscow with spa named after Ivanka' - two days after Giuliani claimed 'no one' ever signed the document

President Donald Trump signed a letter of intent to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, CNN has claimed. 
Anchor Chris Cuomo obtained a copy of the signed letter, which he showed viewers during his show on Tuesday night. 
The revelation comes just two days after Rudy Giuliani, the president's attorney, claimed the letter existed but had never been signed. 
'It is signed by Donald J. Trump,' Cuomo told viewers. 'How do I know it was? Because we've been told by his lawyer, and it is.' 
The signed letter - dated October 28, 2015 - discussed negotiations to build a Trump hotel, as well as condominiums and commercial property, in Moscow
'Here's the letter. Cohen didn't sign it. The president did.' 
The signed letter - dated October 28, 2015 - discussed negotiations to build a Trump hotel, as well as condominiums and commercial property in Moscow. 
It revealed that the project would have given Trump's company a '$4million upfront fee, no upfront costs, a percentage of the sales, and control over marketing and design', according to CNN. 
The deal also said that Trump would be able to name the hotel spa after his daughter Ivanka.  
'For a deal that didn't mean anything, it's a lot of pages, man,' Cuomo said. 'With a lot of detail about what they wanted and how they wanted it and how he would be paid.'
'And there's his signature,' he declared, holding up the page with Trump's signature close to the camera.  
While campaigning for the presidency in 2016, Trump repeatedly claimed he had nothing to do with Putin or Russia. 

But Giuliani revealed on Sunday that Trump had spoken to his former personal attorney Michael Cohen about the project for longer than previously indicated.     
He seemed to indicate that Trump addressed the issue in his written responses to questions from special counsel Robert Mueller and that the talks went on through the 2016 general election.
'According to the answer that he gave, it would have covered all the way up to November of 2016,' Giuliani said on ABC's This Week.
Last month, Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about plans to build a Trump property in Moscow.  
He originally told a Senate committee that the project was dropped in January 2016 but later admitted that was untrue and he had continued to pursue the matter until June 2016. 
Giuliani revealed last week that Trump told Mueller's team he spoke to Cohen about the project but did not specify exactly when those conversations took place.
The former New York City mayor said the president doesn't remember when the conversations took place but is safe in what he told the special counsel because he said the discussions happened sometime during the 2016 campaign.
Those conversations could have been in June or July of 2016, Giuliani noted.
'Up until November 2016, they could have had a conversation about Trump Tower Moscow, and it went nowhere,' he told CNN.
'It was a real estate project. There was a letter of intent to go forward, but no one signed it,' he said.
Cohen told prosecutors he considered going to Moscow himself and that he raised the possibility of Trump going there during the general election campaign to seal the deal. 
He said he personally briefed Trump about Trump Tower Moscow on several occasions, as well as Trump family members. 
Last week Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison stemming from federal charges of tax fraud and bank fraud, and campaign finance violations.
Giuliani, who is representing Trump in the Russia investigation, was asked about a variety of topics that are believed to be subjects of interest to Mueller and his team during his appearance on the Sunday shows.
He was asked whether the president was aware of the infamous June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between members of the campaign - including Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and then campaign manager Paul Manafort - and a Russian lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.
'That is definitely he didn't know about it,' Giuliani said on ABC. 'And I think that's consistent testimony.'   

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