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'Why aren't you protesting your OWN families?' Piers Morgan blasts 'hypocrite' vegans who stormed Waitrose meat aisle after they refuse to say if their parents will eat turkey this Christmas

Piers Morgan has accused three 'militant' vegans who stormed a Waitrose supermarket in a bizarre protest of hypocrisy for not doing the same to their meat-eating parents.
Ashti, Ella and Dylan were among 18 members of the vegan campaign group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) who formed a human chain around the meat aisle of a Brighton Waitrose this week.
They carried blood-stained plates, flowers for the dead animals and placards saying: 'It's violence not food'. 
Taking on Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain in a debate about militant veganism today, the trio refused to answer whether their parents eat meat.
When they finally admitted some of their parents are not vegan like them, the GMB presenter claimed they should be protesting against their parents - instead of 'terrorising old people in supermarkets'.

Piers asked them: 'Do your families eat meat?, to which one replied: 'That's irrelevant'.
Another said: 'I think it's not important...,' but Piers cut her off, asking her again 'Do any of your parents eat meat?' 
One of the women replied, flustered: 'My mother doesn't...Changes are happening.'
But Piers insisted on his line of questioning, saying: 'There's a point to the question. 
'My point being if your family members eat meat why are you not stampeding into their rooms when they're eating their Christmas turkeys and protesting at your own families?'
One activist argued: 'Vegans do have those conversations with their families and friends. But what these animals are facing is injustice.'
One of the other Direction Action Everywhere members who took part in the Waitrose protest is the daughter of a wealthy meat vendor.
Member Morgan Kayleigh Giampaolo is the daughter of American businessman David Giampaolo, who runs Pi Capital and is Chairman of Gousto, where customers can buy steak, sausage and lamb.
Morgan was among those who stormed Brighton's Touro steakhouse in another protest, playing the sounds of animals being slaughtered to shocked diners, in early December. 
The three other women were joined on the show by vegan Apprentice star Kayode Damali, who defended their actions earlier in the week.
He also took on Piers, who argued that killing insects during wheat farming to make bread is the same as killing animals to eat them as meat.
The presenter asked: 'Do you eat bread? You're aware of how bread gets made, wheat crops and everything?
'You're aware that literally billions of little bugs get killed?
'Because to me there's a hypocrisy at the heart of it. This little guy here, his mates and his family, they all get slaughtered so you can eat your bread.
'You get my point, there are all these beautiful little insects, mice, rats, all these other little creatures, they get destroyed in the production of wheat crops so you can munch on your bread. 

'So tell me the difference ideologically between me eating a Christmas turkey and you eating bread, which you know involves the slaughter of million of young critters?'
Apprentice contestant Kayode tried to respond, but was told by Piers to 'calm down' and 'it's not your show'.
When he did get the chance to reply, he argued: 'I appreciate your point about the insects being killed, but what we need to realise is the intent behind it.
'No one is intending for us to kill these insects for us to eat bread.
'However when you eat a steak or whatever, the intent is very much there. You're deliberately killing that animal.'

Piers replied: 'When you eat your bread, you know it involves the slaughter of animals.' 
But Kayode insisted: 'If we as vegans were so concerned about killing insects we wouldn't leave our house because we'd be too scared of stepping on an ant. 
'I could be sitting on ants right now. There are certain things we cannot help.'
In a bizarre exchange, Piers then said humans are doing 'the same as animals in the jungle' by eating meat - eating in a bid to survive.
But Kayode came back with: 'If you're comparing people to animals - so what, ducks rape other ducks, are you suggesting that's what we should do as well? Not at all.
You can't compare every single aspect of animal behaviour to human behaviour.'
Dominika Piasecka, of the Vegan Society, was also on the show this morning.
She believes the Direct Action Everywhere protest was not the best way of promoting veganism.
She said: 'I understand their pain, but I think there are more effective ways to spread the vegan message. 
'I think all of these guys have their hearts in the right place. But I think we have to keep in mind how you guys, the non-vegans perceive us.' 
Direct Action Everywhere, whose leading members include the daughter of a millionaire meat merchant, also stormed a steak-house in Brighton to play animal slaughter noises to diners at the start of December. 
Their Waitrose protest, which took place on the afternoon of December 16, triggered calls to the police. No arrests were made.  

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