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Army veteran was let go as a Best Buy security guard for helping deputies catch a suspect on the run

A Best Buy security guard and Army veteran thought he was “doing the right thing” by helping police capture a fleeing suspect — but a week after the incident, he was let go from the California-based store for violating company policy.
The security guard, Tyler, who asked that his last name not be published, was working at a Roseville, Calif., Best Buy when the scene occurred, according to FOX 40.
“There was a guy who walked by, and when he got by his car, a bunch of undercover sheriffs jumped out to arrest him,” Tyler told the outlet. 
According to Placer County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect, identified as 35-year-old Timothy Trujillo, had then struck one of the detectives and attempted to flee on foot.
“He started running towards me, so I thought I was doing the right thing by helping the sheriff stop him,” Tyler said.
Tyler, as seen in security footage taken by Tyler’s family, pursued the suspect and tackled him. Deputies were then able to arrest Trujillo.

: A security guard at Best Buy is seen in surveillance - tackling a suspect who punched a deputy while resisting arrest at this Roseville shopping center. The man was later arrested - but the security guard was fired for violating company policy. @FOX40

“I understood when I went back in there that I was probably going to get into some sort of trouble because Best Buy policy says we’re not supposed to touch anybody,” Tyler said. A week later, Tyler was informed by his manager that corporate made the decision to let him go, because he “used excessive force, and it was against Best Buy’s policy to intervene,” according to Tyler.
A Best Buy representative released the following statement: “Our policy is clear: employees are not to chase potential criminals outside of the store. Chasing an individual in the parking lot creates a safety risk that isn’t worth taking, regardless of how noble an employee’s intention is.”
Regardless of the termination, Tyler does not have hard feelings toward Best Buy. “It seemed like the right thing. Like I said, it was someone running from the cops, so it seemed like the logical thing to do,” he said.
Trujillo, who was wanted for numerous burglaries on a felony warrant in Nevada, was booked into jail and remains in custody without bail. He has been charged with burglary, assaulting and resisting a peace officer and possession of methamphetamine and burglary tools.

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