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Crook pulls gun on woman at bus stop. But she has a concealed carry license — and he pays permanently.

Yet another crook learned the hard way that folks out there are arming themselves — and targeting them for crimes can prove a deadly mistake.
LaAvion Goings, 19, approached a 25-year-old woman at a Chicago bus stop Tuesday morning, pulled out a gun, and announced a robbery, police told WLS-TV.

Easy pickings, right?

Uh, not so much.
See, police told the station the victim has a concealed carry license — and she got practical with it, pulling out her own gun and fatally shooting Goings.

The incident in the Fernwood neighborhood was captured on surveillance video, WLS said.

History of arrests

And wouldn't you know that Goings had a history of arrests? Last summer, he allegedly attacked a sergeant and officer during a drug raid, the station reported.