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David Beckham’s 'cash-strapped' sister Lynne is forced to sell her possessions online (including paving slabs and football boots)... even though he's worth around £339m (5 Pics)

David Beckham's 'cash-strapped' sister Lynne has been forced to sell her belongings online, despite brand Beckham being worth around £339m.
The Sun reports that former receptionist Lynne, 47, has been selling used children's clothes on Facebook for around £2, as well as old football boots, baby blankets and patio slabs. 
The news comes after it was claimed that David, 43, hosted a £30k New Year's Eve party which Lynne is not thought to have attended.  
Tough times: David Beckham’s sister Lynne has been selling her possessions online... even though brand Beckham is worth around £339m (pictured together at her wedding in 1999)

David paid around £250k for Lynne's Romford home almost a decade ago, which is now thought to be worth around £470k. 
A source told MailOnline: 'They still talk regularly.'
In 2010, Now claimed that David was upset after learning that his sister Lynne was claiming benefits'. 
A source told the publication at the time: 'David genuinely had no idea how bad things were for Lynne and he has always tried to help his sister.’ 

Making ends meet: Lynne has been selling paving slabs, children's clothing, tobacco and other such items on her Facebook page

Must run in the family: Lynne has also sold some £49.99 Nike football boots for £5

‘David‘s always tried to look out for his family, so he doesn’t understand how things got so bad for Lynne so fast.'
David went to Lynne's wedding in 1999 to Colin Every, now 50 without Victoria. Colin and Lynne had three children together but they split in 2011 after 11 years together.
That year, The Mirror reported that Lynne sold her wedding dress from her nuptials on eBay for £5.50.
It was a bad time for Lynne as her new partner Kevin Briggs, who she met weeks after splitting from Colin, was jailed for two weeks before the auction. 
She made almost £900 selling 72 items on the site, including a family caravan. 
A friend close to Lynne told the publication at the time: 'Not having a job and having to look after kids is very hard. She is trying to get money any way she can, so she is selling everything of value she has on eBay.' 
Back in July, Lynne's son Freddie, 17, spoke to The Mirror about his heartache at being cast away from the Beckham family.  
The publication reports that his mother and younger brother Josh, 13, live in the home bought by David, while Freddie and his father live on benefits in a one-bedroom flat on a council estate. 
Lynne also has a daughter called Georgina, 20. 
MailOnline has contacted a spokesperson for David Beckham for comment. 

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