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Fox News Host Issues Perfect Response to Twitter’s ‘Expose Christian Schools’ Trend

A recent trending hashtag on Twitter provided a convenient excuse to publicly attack Christianity. The hashtag created an open season on sharing hate for Christians with no apparent consequences.
The #ExposeChristianSchools trend began following a CBS report about second lady Karen Pence taking a part-time job at a Catholic school where she had previously taught. A claim was made in the report that because the private school had lawful policies in accordance with biblical teachings, Pence was a bigot who was “cheering discrimination” against the LGBTQ community.
But then a video clip involving a young man wearing a MAGA hat and a Native American went viral on Twitter. This added to the attacks against Christians and Christian schools.
Although the bashing of Christian schools was brutal, some people noticed and pointed out an obvious fact: A lot of the claims also applied to some public schools.
Since there is , we should also have . I can guarantee that absurd and offensive things are not isolated to Christian schools alone. Smh.

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Shannon Bream, a Fox News Host, jumped into the fray to defend Christian schools. The personal experience she shared delivered a powerful punch to the hateful rhetoric pushed on the social media platform.
I was surrounded by people who cared about me as a human being, not just a student. I got a top notch education that allowed me to graduate magma cum laude undergrad and w honors from law school. It wasn’t perfect, but there was a high standard and love.

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Bream was not alone in praising the education and support received at a Christian school. Others on Twitter also defended such schools, sharing stories about their own experiences and how they benefited from attending Christian schools.
I graduated from a small Christian school and tested out of a ton of English and Math classes in college. I knew how to write better than 90% of my peers that came out of public schools. Many of them had never even written an essay prior to college.  

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I went to a private Catholic school. They taught AP classes, graduated every student, outperformed public schools and taught Christian values like loving thy neighbor. It set me up to do well in life. So, yes, let's
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Imagine how awful it is to teach children that God loves them & has a plan for their life... all the while educating them to high academic standards so they are successful, contributing members of society after graduation. The horror!
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Some parents chimed in, as well. They shared how their children have benefited from Christian school education.
If I could send my kids to Christian grade level schools I would. However, my oldest is going to a Christian Conservative college, Harding University. She’s having a great experience there just as I did. She’s matured so much, the professors care, & amazing opportunities!
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Sent my 3 kids (30,33,35 yrs old now) to multicultural private Christian schools. Whites were minority. Education & relationships were great, music & sports were #1. Result: kind, considerate, intelligent, talented, hilarious, knowledgeable, hardworking, street smart adults. 🥰
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One theme that came up a lot in the defense of Christian schools was the higher level of education. Some had attended both private and public schools and saw the difference between them. Twitter user Randy posted an entire thread about it, carefully making the case in defense of Christian schools.
These Twitter users are not alone in their assessment. A 2013 study revealed that “Private religious schools perform better than public schools, and public charter schools performed no better than regular public schools,” according to The Christian Post.
There will always be bad teachers and bad schools out there, in both the public and the private arena. To zero in on private Christian schools, as if they teach evil and abuse the students, is ridiculous and wrong. It is, in and of itself, bigotry — that thing those posting such tweets claim to be against.

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