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Meet the family of NINE who packed up their old lives to travel across the U.S in a school bus they spent $17k converting into a mobile home (16 Pics)

Meet the family of nine who packed up their entire lives in order to travel across the United States in a self-converted bus.
Michelle and Steve Lawson, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, love travelling with their seven children - Caleb, 16, Jacob, 13, Joshua 10, Matthew, six, Liam, aged five, Charlotte aged two and and nine-month-old Owen.
So they decided to buy a school bus for $14,000 (£11,000) and spend $17,000 (£14,000) and six months converting it into their home before hitting the road on their first trip.
The couple had been thinking of converting a school bus for a while but were finally convinced to take the plunge after Steve's mother died.
They said: 'We love to travel with our kids, and since we home school and own our own photography business, it was usually very doable for us.
'On our trips, we'd dream of travelling in something bigger, something we could even sleep in. Enter the idea of a Skoolie (school bus).
'We had been toying around with the idea of getting one- and then unexpectedly, Steve's mom passed away in February of 2017 with her only regret being not buying an RV and travelling more with us around the U.S. She would often say that she'd get it one day.
'That one day never came for her. We didn't want to make buying our skoolie one of those "one day we'll do it" things.'
The bus has an impressive 265-square-feet of living space while two triple bunk beds and a king size bed provide ample space for everyone to sleep.

The Lawsons own a photography business, Michelle Lawson Photography, which helps them make ends meet and also post about their life on Instagram.
The couple believes in unschooling - where the children decide what they will learn about through real-life experiences.
They added: 'Life is learning and yes, 100 per cent unschooling is the way to go.
'We believe that life is learning and the best way to learn is to do. Also the big kids really help the little kids learn too, they are a huge help along the way.

The family are currently back home in Fort Lauderdale but so far they have explored Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Texas and Louisiana in their bus.
They explained: 'We would definitely recommend this lifestyle to any family because of the freedom it allows.
'Living a more simple life allows for the things that really do matter to take preference. Cultivating the things that matter most.
'We love the uninterrupted family time. We love waking up together in a new place almost daily and really always having a new adventure. We love watching every sunrise and every sunset together. Eating every meal side by side. Never being bored. Doing life together.' 

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