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Mother-of-two is praised for her raw open letter detailing the struggles of parenthood - as she calls on strangers to be 'more understanding' (4 Pics)

A mother's candid open letter about the tribulations of parenthood has gone viral. 
Charity Beth, from Pennsylvania, who shares two young sons with partner Vincent Venturo, has pleaded with strangers to be less judgmental in an honest message which hit a note with thousands of parents online.
The letter, posted to Facebook last week, amassed a staggering 732,000 shares and 434,000 likes in just three days.
Giving a glimpse at the everyday life of a busy mother, she asked for outsiders to be more understanding of their struggles.
Taking to her Facebook account, she wrote: 'When a mother says she's tired, that's all she meant!
'She did not say she wants to drop her son and forget that he or she exists.'
She continued: 'When a mother says she wanted some time alone, just her, that's all she meant! She didn't say she's sorry to be a mother and that motherhood was a mistake in her life.
'When a mother says she needs help to get things done, that's exactly what she meant! She is not saying that she is incapable.'
Listing another example of the snap judgments made of parents, she continued: 'When a mother makes noodles for dinner, it does not mean she does noodles every day of the week and that her son/daughter is a child who does not know vegetables and meats.'
And defending moments of messiness, she added: 'When you arrive at a mother's house and face disorganization, it doesn't mean that every day that house is disorganized.'
Charity also went on to highlight the importance of keeping your identity as an individual, not just a mother.
She wrote: 'When a mother says she'd love to go out with her friends, that's all she meant! She doesn't want to go back to being 'Single / not a mother' and like it as if she had no responsibility.'
And arguing that it is okay for mothers to share their fears, Charity explained: 'When a mother says she's worried and afraid, that's what she meant! She didn't say she's going to falter, and much less she's a coward.'
The mother-of-two, who is outspoken on natural births and being aware of the dangers of child vaccinations, also warned strangers not to judge a parent for shouting.
She said: 'When you listen to a mother screaming, it doesn't mean she just screams, probably she has spoken 300 times with normal voice tone.
'When you see a nervous mother, on the edge of madness, doesn't mean every day she's in that situation.
'There is a whole context, a whole situation.'
Concluding the lengthy message, she said: 'Do not invent untruths to judge someone, let alone a woman who every day, at all times, gives up her own life to live the life of another being that she knows is much more important than her.
'In the world there is no human being able to give up and donate as much as a mother! And they deserve a lot of understanding and fewer trials.'
And her letter was met with praise from other parents, racking up over a million likes and shares.
One mother wrote: 'Thank you for this. Beautifully said and so very true'.
Another added: 'Beautiful post. Such love is real. Your cup must be full to overflow to your family. Surround yourself with ways to keep your cup full, whether it be a quiet time zone in your home, chat with a friend or get a massage. 
'Each and others are vital for mental and emotional health. Do not allow your femininity to disappear with the busyness of life. Great mothers have deep inner resources that keep them strong. Love is a powerful emotion!'(sic).

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