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Mum's response after hearing parents refused to attend gay children's wedding

Sara Cunningham

A mum who became frustrated with stories of parents who refused to attend their children's same-sex wedding has responded in an incredible way.
Saddened to learn of a same-sex couple whose parents let them down on one of the most important times of their lives, Sara Cunningham wrote a short post on Facebook.
The 55-year-old, whose youngest son is gay, vowed that if a child's biological mother would not come to their LGBT wedding, she would instead.
Sara, who is from Oklahoma, in the US, wrote: "If your biological mom won't come to your same-sex wedding, then call me.
"I'll be there and I'll bring the bubbles."
After Sara's post went viral in July, she has since launched an organisation called Free Mom Hugs.
The nonprofit organisation offers mother-like support to LGBT youth.

Speaking to CNN she said: "When people ask us about Free Mom Hugs, they usually say, 'How can I join? What can I do?'

"That's what made the post go viral. It was people all over the world saying, I want to do that, I can do that, I've been doing that."
Sara was inspired after she returned home from a pride festival in Oklahoma where she heard "real horror stories".
This included tales of children living out of their cars, who had been kicked out of their churches or homes for just for identifying as LGBT.
But the mum-of-two admits that she was not always so liberal herself and that when her son told her in 2011 he was gay, it took years for her to accept it.
The Oklahoma City secretary however eventually began to stand up against her conservative Baptist church’s stance that homosexuality is shameful.
Then four years ago she and her husband attended a gay pride parade in Oklahoma with their son.
It was there that she learned of everyone's experiences which led her and other ally mothers to form the Free Mom Hugs organisation.
Since her post, Sara has been invited to attend several weddings, and she said that her message has created something of a movement.
She added: "I'm not the first mom to offer free mom hugs or attend weddings as a stand-in. But when we show up for any group that's marginalised, that's how we can make sure they really know they are loved and celebrated."


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  3. If any of my children "married" same sex, i wouldn't attend either. Two of the same sex is NOT a marriage, it is a man and woman only.

    1. Agreed! I'm about sick of having this crap rammed down my throat! No pun intended.

  4. In a moral world, NO ONE would show up for a same-sex marriage, not the parents, not witnesses, not musicians, not the wedding official.

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