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Restaurant agrees to remove sign due to its controversial name

An owner of a French-Vietnamese restaurant on the verge of opening in Keene, N.H., is butting heads with a city manager over the eatery’s name, which sounds like a profanity.
Pho Keene Great, a pun on the Vietnamese dish pho (pronounced “fuh”) and the name of the town, is scheduled to open in March; however, Fox News reports that City Manager Elizabeth Dragon said the owner, Isabelle Jolie, never received permission to hang the sign outside the restaurant.
“City manager has deemed our business name as offensive and a permanent sign with our business name, will not be allowed. The one that is pictured, is a temporary sign, and it was requested that we take it down due to her opinion that it is offensive name and a contract violation as it relates to City ordinance,” the restaurant’s social media post read. Jolie agreed to remove the temporary sign.
The restaurant polled users and found that 3,400 found the sign to be not offensive, while 117 voted that it was offensive.

“The issue is pending a meeting with the city manager and her team,” the restaurant shared.
Several users claimed the restaurant should be allowed to call itself whatever it likes due to freedom of speech, and many thought the “clever” name was funny. “I’m Pho Keene impressed,” commented one Facebook user. However, others were more vocal about how they felt about the “crass” name.
“Cute until your child uses it. Sad commentary on what has become publicly acceptable. Class is a thing of the past,” one woman shared
Depending on how the name situation is resolved, the T-shirts that the restaurant had made may become local collector items.


  1. there is an asian restaurant here named The Poo-Ping Palace.
    i imagine they have no idea what their sign denotes but they serve excellent food.

  2. There's one in Bellevue WA called "What The Pho!"

  3. They should just change the name to FUCKING GREAT and tell the city commissioners to go fuck themselves.

  4. Come on Keene lighten up. It put you in the news.