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Special-ed teacher arrested for throwing New Year's Eve party and letting kids drink alcohol and smoke pot

A special-education teacher was arrested for throwing a New Year’s Eve party for 40 people, including 14 underage guests who drank alcohol and smoked marijuana.
On Tuesday at 1 a.m., the Mount Washington police were called to the home of Lindsey E. Lewis, 36, a teacher at the Phoenix School of Discovery in Louisville, Ky., after a neighbor claimed that teens had destroyed her property while attending Lewis’s New Year’s Eve party, according to local news site WDRB
A police representative did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment. A police report sent to WDRB said 14 children were at the party. A few of the teens tried to leave when the police entered, and others said they had consumed alcohol and smoked pot. WDRB also reported that the smell of marijuana was obvious in Lewis’s home, cans and bottles of alcohol were present, and Lewis appeared to be under the influence.
According to WDRB, police say Lewis “knowingly hosted a party in which she knew or assisted” with the children getting impaired. She was charged with 14 counts of engaging in an unlawful transaction with a minor.
The principal of the Phoenix School of Discovery and a representative of Jefferson County Public Schools did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.
District spokesperson Renee Murphy told WDRB that Lewis, a teacher at the school since 2016, will report for reassignment during the legal proceedings.
According to WAVE 3 News, an 18-year-old party guest named Tristan Cornett was also arrested for possession of marijuana and methamphetamines. 

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  1. A poor choice for sure however better by far than allowing them, or forcing them, to be "vaccinated".